ELBA Trophy; the First Silverware of the Season

Back (L-R); D Logan, G Hunter, A.O. Blair, I Bell, A Kennedy / Front (L-R); S Fairgrieve, C Bell, C Brock, G.A. Blair, S Thomson

With win’s on three of the four rinks, the only man keeping Haddington from the clean sweep was Scott Kennedy who set upon some brotherly revenge as he played Alistair in the pairs. A great final end for Angus Blair’s triple to snatch a magical 5 shot victory, who was peels playing the last.

Opening Day and more

Hi folks,

Saturday was a fab day. We were blessed with good weather and it was a great turn out. Thanks to everyone who came along.

There were a few things I forgot to mention on Saturday :

  • Sheets are up for Friday Night and Senior leagues – remember to put your name up as soon as possible if you want to be considered for the teams. First Friday Night league match is on 22nd April
  • There’s a hat night on Friday 15th April [6.30 for a 6.45pm start]
  • We are looking for names for a friendly with Lauder on Saturday 18th June and there’s a poster up with more information.
  • The Club is now into Summer opening hours so we are open 7 days a week.

Club Development will be a key action for the Committee in 2016 and beyond. In the next few weeks we will be starting our Active Schools program for P4 – P7 pupils and in July we will staging Try Bowls Events for beginners. Spread the word, we will let you know more about these initiatives shortly.

As I mentioned on Saturday, we will be using the Club’s website as much as possible to tell you what’s happening in the Club.

All the best for the forthcoming season.


The Newsletter: For February & March 2012

Welcome to my second newsletter, which has lots to say to encourage input from all members.

Firstly my thanks to all members who took part in the activities the club has had since my election as president. Massive encouragement from the people who attended both Christmas parties, Hogmanay celebrations, and most recently the Burns Celebrations. We are going to continue this trend with a Buffet Dance in March and a Singer / Band at Opening Day. Ladies and Gentleman, we are listening to your comments by putting these nights on, all we ask is for a little support.

On 17th March after a very long cycle, I have decided to have a Domino Flyer with a first prize of £100 to the winner. This is meant to be a fun night to hopefully encourage members (ladies & gents) to come along and enjoy a laugh with your fellow members, see you then. Lastly I want to thank all the people who have helped make all the function nights at the club a success. So much work goes on behind the scenes, without everyone pulling together there would be no club. Thank you.

Burns Night

My thanks go out to all who attended our very successful Burns Night (with a difference). I have had one or two comments regarding the after dinner speaker which, as explained, was the “difference” part of the night. The opinion of the audience was to continue this event, and, with a different speaker each year. Comments are welcome on any way we can improve and increase function nights in the club for members and guests.

Buffet Dance

On 10th March we are having a buffet dance and have secured the services of the same band which entertained us very well at the Seniors Christmas Party. Already there is a demand for tickets, so ladies and gentleman, remember this, on Wednesday night the 29th February, the tickets will go up for sale behind the bar in the Club. Priced at only £5 per ticket, this will be a guaranteed sell out. Remember. First come first served.

Helping Hands

Could we please ask any member with an hour or so to spare on Sunday 4th and 25th March at 12 noon to come along and help prepare the club for opening day.

Opening Day & Night

This year opening day will be Saturday 7th April, starting at 2PM. There will be a sheet going up on the notice board early March. Opening day over the last few years has been very successful with light entertainment in the evening. It is the opinion of the committee to have a band/singer for the evening which would obviously require names for the afternoon, the meal, and/or evening entertainment. All members are of course invited in the evening as well as guests and friends. Where possible members bowling on the day will have the first refusal of an evening ticket.


I am reliably informed by our I.T. geniuses that the website is once again up and running. If there is anything Bowling related you would like to see on the website, please contact Mark McWilliams (that’s me) at the club, or through the club email.


We still have space on the committee for further members and would welcome an approach by anyone wishing to join in with the running of the club. Whether just with bowling, the bar management, green maintenance, or indeed helping the selector, any offer of help welcomed.


During March we normally have a fundraising walk/cycle to raise funds for the Senior and Children’s parties, open days etc. It was the opinion of the committee that we cannot continue to ask the usual people to support this. So your President and Custodian are going to cycle 50 miles, Tranent to Berwick-upon-Tweed, on Saturday 17th March to raise funds to hopefully keep these functions alive. Any encouragement and support would always be appreciated.


With the start of the new season fast approaching, anyone who knows of any youth who may be interested in Bowling, now is the time to have them express an interest.

Dates For Your Diary

  • Saturday 18th February: East Coast FM Quiz Night
  • Saturday 10th March: Buffet Supper (Ticket Only)
  • Saturday 17th March: Domino Flyer with £100 prize.
  • Saturday 7th April: Opening Day & Evening Social

Green Maintenance

We have Brian Galloway and Mark McWilliams looking after the green this year. Our thanks to them. Help and support would be welcomed if anyone can spare a little time in the summer months.

That’s your lot for this edition of the newsletter.

Photos: Presentation Night 2011

If you cast your mind back to Presentation Night on Saturday 19th November, you might remember a couple of members (thanks Janet and Stuart) taking photos throughout the night? Well after a wrestle with the camera, I finally got them uploaded online.

You can find other photos from the night over on our Facebook Page. There’s a few interesting ones in there, so it’s well worth a 5 minute look for a laugh and a giggle! 😉

The Newsletter: For November & December 2011

Welcome again to the first newsletter after the appointment of the new committee for the coming year. I have agreed to take on the presidency for another year to hopefully allow the club to grow even stronger, ready for a new president next year. It is pleasing to note we have some new people on the committee which will hopefully bring new ideas and some fresh thinking of ways to aid the clubs development.

For those who couldn’t make the AGM last Wednesday a few things were decided, namely we will be introducing a payment card for people who would rather pay their fees over an extended period, further details are listed below. We will not be using the services of STS Green maintenance this year, the meeting felt this was a lot of money to be spent for not a lot of difference on the green. And very pleasing was the appointment of Barbara Herschell as an honorary member. There was a lengthy debate about the team selections for Friday night bowling, which I believe more help would go some way to alleviate people’s concerns. There are lots of things going to happen at the club over the next 2 months which I would take much personal pleasure in welcoming you all along, please read on and if there are any comments you would like to make or anything you would like to see in future editions of the newsletter to please feel free to contact me.

Many thanks for your support, Iain McKenzie!

Payment Cards

We will be introducing for the first time the option of a payment card, this will be available from behind the bar and payments can be made the same way. As long as the membership is paid in full by the due date, any member can pay as much or as little as they wish. It is felt that the amount of money families pay in one go is a lot and the payment card may help us retain members, or even gain some more?

Burns Night

For the first time in a number of years, we have decided to have a Celebration of Burns evening. This night will be strictly limited by number and suffice to say it should be fun. We have a professional toastmaster, a piper, and actor and yet to be confirmed an after dinner speaker. Waitress service on the evening has also been arranged.

Hogmanay Celebrations

This year we will be having New Year celebrations but geared more for you, the members. Again ticket only, at a cost of £5, and any member is welcome, tickets are limited. We must insist that all non members have a ticket and be over 21, yes ID will be required. The fun starts at 7:30PM, disco, buffet, dancing, singing, and I’m sure plenty of drink to see out the old and in the new.

You’re Committee Members For 2011/2012

  • President: Iain McKenzie
  • Vice President: Raymond Brock
  • Treasurer: Barbara Herschell
  • Secretary: David Todd
  • Match Secretary: Mark McWilliams
  • Membership Secretary: Sandy Todd
  • Custodian: Brian Whellans
  • Green Ranger: Brian Galloway
  • General: Janet Farrell
  • General: Lindsay Whellans
  • General: Edwin Arthur
  • General: Stuart Wilson
  • General: Gary Peckham

We still have space on the committee for further members and would welcome an approach by anyone wishing to join in with the running of the club. Whether just with bowling, the bar management, green maintenance or indeed helping the selectors, any offer of help welcomed. Thanks!

Christmas Parties

Some of you may be aware the notice is up for names for the Seniors Christmas Party which is on Saturday 17th December at 4PM. Any member who is aged 60 or over is very welcome to join us. If any member would like their partner to join in, please use the sheet to let us know. Evening entertainment has been confirmed for this and any member is welcome to attend.

The Children’s Christmas Party is the following day, Sunday 18th December from about 1:30PM onwards. We have confirmed the same disco/entertainer as last year and Santa will do his best to attend, but he’s very busy at this time of year. Again there is a sheet up for names, we must remind members the rules are a maximum of 2 people, either children or grandchildren of members only, we cannot accommodate neighbours children or best friends, and so forth.

Dates For your Diary

  • Saturday 17th December: Seniors Christmas Party
  • Sunday 18th December: Children’s Christmas Party
  • Monday 26th December: Games Day (Pool, Darts, Dominoes)
  • Saturday 31st December: Hogmanay Celebrations
  • Saturday 28th January (2012): Celebration Of Burns (With A Twist)

And that’s it folks, and until the next one…!